In June 2019, we informed about the consolidation with Descartes Systems Group. As a next step and in order to strengthen our presence in Switzerland, all our solutions have now been combined under one roof, Descartes STEPcom Ltd.


We are actively steering our future and look forward to informing you today that we will move together with the Descartes Systems Group. Descartes is one of the world's leading providers of IT solutions in logistics and supply chain.


SyncWORKS is a Product Information Management System (PIM) to make it much easier for you to maintain product data. With SyncWORKS you can store your product data centrally and manage it via extensive functionalities. Through the integrated interface to GloLIB, product data is automatically synchronized with GDSN or sent to other systems used by your data recipients and trading partners.

SyncWORKS is an in-house development of Contentis and is continuously adapted to changing needs. The following functions and enhancements have been carried out for our customers in the last months:


  • Depending on the user, all received GDSN messages are provided centrally in the new message box. From this, follow-up tasks can be initiated directly. GTIN's of received subscriptions can now be published directly.

Import / Export interface:

  • Automated import and export jobs can now be configured and monitored directly in SyncWORKS. In order to be informed about the current status at any time, an email address can be stored for each job to which all or only the error log files are sent.
  • CodeMapper: SyncWORKS can map any external code values to GDSN values and vice versa.
  • DateFormater: You can now import freely configurable date formats during CSV import, independent of the GDSN date format.

Regulations / Validations:

  • In the sets of rules, the attributes on each hierarchy level can be defined individually as required fields. In this way, the different requirements of the individual hierarchy levels can also be checked.
  • A standard set of rules for validation can now be recorded for each target market. It is also possible to define for each data recipient whether an individual rule set or the target market rule set has to be applied. Validation rules can be assigned to one or more target markets. This allows a faster and more efficient validation.
  • Invalid or obsolete code values are displayed as validation errors and can be replaced or corrected accordingly.

History and versioning:

  • SyncWORKS now also offers the possibility of a complete versioning of the data in the History per GTIN (database can be reset to any point in time).

Insel Gruppe AG is the first and largest full-service medical care system in Switzerland. With its six locations in the canton of Berne, the Insel Gruppe combines basic health care with top-class university medicine and teaching with research.

As the first hospital in Switzerland, the Insel Gruppe wants to drive forward the exchange of product master data with the GS1 GDSN standard and its GDSN network. GDSN ensures globally standardized definitions for content and processes. This ensures that data sender and receiver speak the same language everywhere. The Insel Gruppe has opted for GloLIB from CONTENTIS in Switzerland as its GS1 GDSN-certified data pool, which has already successfully completed the previous pilot project for GDSN in the Swiss healthcare sector. Since the end of February 2019, the Insel Gruppe has been live with the productive reception of product master data via GDSN.

Do you as a supplier or clinic want an automated and standardized (GS1 GDSN) exchange of product master data?

Please contact us. We will be there to advise you or your specialist manager at any time.

On 05./06. April 2018 this year's SELS (Swiss Procurement and Logistics Symposium) took place. STEPcom was represented as a sponsor with a stand. Interesting presentations and lively discussions among the participants made this event special. Once again, it becomes apparent that our open and comprehensive EDI and master data solutions reflect today's healthcare needs.

We would like to congratulate our customer Cosanum AG for winning the SELS HealthCare AWARD 2018. Cosanum is a very innovative and customer-oriented partner in the healthcare sector.

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