Mathys is a Swiss orthopaedics company and was founded in 1946. The company's core activities currently include implants for hips, knees and shoulders, as well as synthetic bone substitution material. Mathys first entered the sport orthopaedics field in 2013

Mathys LTD Bettlach chose Contentis AG as its datapool provider, because not only is Contentis able to forward data to other datapools (such as UDI, PEPPOL or EUDAMED etc.), it is also able to deliver direct to the customer in the required format. Mathys now relies on the GloLIB GDSN-certified datapool and the SyncWORKS PIM system to meet the standardised data exchange requirements of the market and is taking part in the master data exchange pilot project with Insel Gruppe.

There are HUG bakery products for special moments and naturally, for every day, HUG is simply part of it. HUG develops, produces and sells a variety of biscuits, zwieback, aperitif biscuits, tartelettes, meringues – which could not be fresher or crispier.

Hug's diverse range of products and the ingredients they contain, are heavily reliant on the management and publication of master data. For this reason, the company has opted for the GloLIB GDSN-certified data pool and the SyncWORKS PIM system.

Bringing together what belongs together – that is the goal of Lüscher Cake AG. They are one of the most successful distributors of baked goods and confectionery in Switzerland. Their strong sales presence with the major wholesalers, their skilled and motivated team and their excellent products are the secret of the company’s success. Lüscher Cake AG supplies the decision-makers in the world of retail with famous brands and high-quality products. Producers benefit from the optimal opportunities for contacts, sales and revenue. Therefore end-customers can enjoy the finest and most popular products.

Lüscher Cake AG chose the GloLIB GDSN-certified data pool and the SyncWORKS PIM system, in order to meet customer demand for a comprehensive and standardised product master data exchange facility.

Since 1845 LINDT has been dedicated to producing the world's finest chocolates. The Master Chocolatiers have been driven by their passion for skillfully creating delicate masterpieces. The foundation for the incomparable LINDT taste comes from the careful selection, in-house processing and blending of high quality beans from the world’s most renowned origin.

In order to guarantee that the standard of its master data is as high as that of its products, Lindt & Sprüngli chose the GloLIB GDSN-certified data pool and the SyncWORKS PIM system

Conaxess Trade Switzerland AG is a leading FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) distributor with an excellent trading network geared to long-term partnerships. It offers professional and customised services and is an expert in the distribution of international brands and impulse products.

Conaxess Trade Switzerland AG uses the SyncWORKS PIM system for management and publication of the master data for its ever-growing product portfolio and the GloLIB GDSN-certified data pool for master data transmission.

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