Hero is an international, family owned company with a rich heritage and more than 130 years┬┤ experience of conserving fruit and vegetable-based products and making them convenient to consumers. Our company purpose or mission is built upon this heritage and our commitment to making the best possible products with natural ingredients.

SyncWORKS is the optimal solution for the processing of Hero AG's diverse master data requirements, whilst the GloLIB data pool allows the company to provide its customers with product master data in a standardised format.

The company was founded by Hugo Dubno in Zurich in 1947. Hugo Dubno's core competences currently include ranges of caviar, truffles, fresh mushrooms and exclusive fish specialities.

The introduction of SyncWORKS and GloLIB means Hugo Dubno AG is now able to process its product data centrally, distribute the data among its clients and publish it in the GS1 trustbox®

Florin AG is involved in the entire production process, from the selection and pressing of the seeds, to refining of the raw oils, their bottling or post-processing in the margarine and fat factory to storage in oil tanks or state-of-the-art high-rack warehouses.

The GloLIB data pool and the SyncWORKS PIM system ensure that Florin AG meets the latest standards for the management of its product master data and can optimally process it for subsequent forwarding to the customer.

Wander AG develops, produces and markets high-quality foodstuffs aimed at providing a unique eating and drinking experience. Nutrition-conscious families, athletes and connoisseurs alike enjoy the company's range of sophisticated foodstuffs with their high-value ingredients.

In order to fulfil the demands of the new foodstuffs directive and also meet the ongoing product master data needs of its customers, Wander AG opted for the GloLIB GDSN-certified data pool and the SyncWORKS PIM system.

SyncWORKS is the PIM (Product Information Management System) from CONTENTIS AG and is suitable for use as an internal system for maintaining and updating article master data.

SyncWORKS makes it possible to easily pull together product data, as well as centrally saving, validating and administering the data. Located upstream of your enterprise resource planning system, SyncWORKS provides all the functionality needed for the exchange of article data. Via the GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network), you automatically send your product data to the system desired by your trading partners or synchronise it using the integrated interface to the GloLIB data pool.

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