GloLIB is the new Swiss data pool. CONTENTIS is proud to have passed the demanding testing procedure of the global certification body Drummond Group with its new data pool, at the very first attempt.

The first GS1-certified data pool in Switzerland is therefore now ready to become operational in conjunction with the rollout of the Major Release 3 in May 2016. Interested customers will now receive information relating to questions about upcoming product launches.

The company CONTENTIS AG was founded in November 2015, with its registered head office being located in Rheinfelden (Aargau canton). The specialist company provides high-quality services in the area of exchanging master data.

The company aims make a mark in the market with Swiss thoroughness, efficiency and customer friendliness. The company has considerable expertise, and all its employees have several years of experience in dealing with master data.

The move to Major Release 3 results in significant changes The modified GDSN standard contains a great number of new attributes, that were not provided in the previous version. In addition, the GDSN data structure is now configured modularly with the new release, and the workflow of the message exchange has been changed considerably. Release 3 is also the first time that there is no backwards compatibility.

For companies that already use GDSN this results in the need to launch a project involving considerable effort. At the same time, this also offers the opportunity to change the data pool provider. For newcomers, there is the possibility to go directly to Major Release 3.

The rollout of the Major Release 3 will take place in May 2016. At the same time GloLIB, the first and only GS1-certified data pool in Switzerland, will become operational.

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