We are delighted to be the first Swiss GDSN pool to participate in the GS1 pilot project for the healthcare sector.

In the context of this project, Cosanum AG, Mathys AG and B. Braun Medical AG will forward their respective product master data to our GloLIB data pool. Insel Gruppe has made itself available as the recipient of product master data related to the pilot project



The project is currently in the validation phase.

Kadi AG has been an innovative manufacturer of potato products and other deep frozen specialities supplied to the Swiss catering sector since 1951. KADI has some 170 staff actively engaged in product quality and distribution. An enthusiastic team of professional chefs conjures up Switzerland's favourite dishes on a daily basis.

Kadi AG takes the same degree of care over its master data as it does over its foodstuffs. Thanks to the introduction of SyncWORKS to enable the easy central processing and management of data and the use of GloLIB as GDSN-certified data pool, KADI AG is able to successfully publish its product master data in the shortest possible time.

Following the successful introduction of our GS1 GDSN-certified data pool GloLIB to various customers in the consumer goods and foodstuffs industries, Contentis AG is now intensively focused on introducing the "master data exchange and data pools" topic to other sectors. One of the sectors currently receiving special attention is the healthcare sector.

Contentis AG is currently working - amongst other things - on the GS1 "Hospitals of the Future - Live" (SDZL) project. This project should demonstrate how continuous information flow affects the process sequence, treatment quality and patient safety.

With the GS1 GDSN standards and Contentis AG's certified GloLIB data pool, all the requirements for efficient, standardised electronic master data exchange are fulfilled.

Cosanum has been developing as a provider of health logistics since 1980 and now offers its healthcare sector and industry customers, as well as medical practitioners, specialised medical retailers and sports retailers, a comprehensive product palette and a range of customised services. The company is striving to simplify and optimise its administration and stock management processes.

As pioneers in the field of master data exchange, together with its partners, Cosanum AG made the decision to implement GloLIB as GDSN-certified data pool and SyncWORKS as PIM data processing solution. Cosanum is actively participating with Insel Gruppe in the GDSN pilot project

Emmi is the largest milk processing enterprise in Switzerland and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. Lifestyle, convenience and health considerations are at the forefront of the company's fresh produce range. Emmi has positioned itself as the world's leading producer of Swiss cheese. The company's main customers are retailers, the hotel and catering trade ("food service") and the foodstuffs industry.

As a global player in the production of fresh produce, Emmi AG wants to provide its customers with a product master data interface. That is why Emmi has opted for the GloLIB GDSN-certified data pool.

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