At many companies, the information is stored on vairous systems that are not connected to each other. The bringing together of such data often involves a considerable amount of work. SyncWORKS is a PIM that makes this task significantly easier through tis well-designed interfaces.

SyncWORKS can be used to save product data centrally and administer it using comprehensive functionality. With the integrated interface to GloLIB data is automatically synchronised with GDSN or sent to other systems used by your data recipients and trading partners.

Collecting and maintaining article master data

You can manually record your article data from scratch or import existing master data into SyncWORKS. Here, you can easily add missing information and complete your product data. Das PIM is designed as an internal system for maintaining and updating article master data. You can thereby centrally manage and validate all data about an article.

Dashboard as a to-do list:

The interactive dashboard provides a graphic overview of the current status of the data recipients and their article allocations. The status regarding the completeness, shipment and receipt of the articles is also shown. Recent activities, imports and exports (if required, approvals and requests to GloLIB in the GDSN network) as well as the display of all active and inactive articles are also visualised. The dashboard graphics can be clicked on in order to select and edit the articles directly.

GS1 GDSN Schema Complex

Publishing and importing data

In addition to publishing to GloLIB for GDSN partners and other worlds, SyncWORKS offers various other possibilities, depending on the purpose and required format. Exports can involve simple product sheets, as well as input to peripheral systems or your webshop via CSV interface.

Article data can also be imported into SyncWORKS using a dynamic CSV format. If required, data from various systems (WWS, QS, image DB etc.) can be imported. It is also possible to import data from a GDSN XML file.

Advantages of SyncWORKS

  • Flexible administration of rights
    The flexible user and role management provided by SyncWORKS allows you as an administrator to map the responsibilities of your company exactly.
  • Configurable article overview
    All articles are listed in the article overview. It is possible to freely select the columns to be displayed here, so that you obtain an individual overview and can quickly identify the articles of interest
  • Freely-definable fields
    Freely definable fields, groups and categories can be created. A category here can consist of one or more groups, and a group can consist of one or more fields, which can also be furnished with check criteria as desired.
  • Multilingual system
    By default, the SyncWORKS mask languages are German, French, Italian and English, but other languages can also be added. The article attributes, i.e. the field contents, can be translated into any number of languages by users.
  • Mass mutations
    Individual fields or information can easily be changed across several articles.
  • Completeness check
    For each data recipient and the articles allocated to it, SyncWORKS maintains a completeness status, which is automatically determined and updated for all the data recipients allocated to an article every time the latter is changed. It is therefore possible to see, at any time, which articles are ready for publication for which data recipients and for which something still needs to be added.
  • GloLIB interface
    The integrated interface to GloLIB ensures the automatic master data exchange with your trading partners in GDSN or other worlds.
  • Trustbox®-interface
    To publish your master data in the trustbox® of GS1 Switzerland, simply use the interface built into SyncWORKS. You just need to decide which of your articles is to be published in trustbox®.